Family Fun en Español: 5 Table Games for All Ages

Family Fun en Español: 5 Table Games for All Ages

August 02, 2023

Between camp, work, and keeping the kids entertained or at least sane when they're home, summertime has definitely been a little crazy on occasion. One thing that I've really enjoyed and found to be a mood-booster for all involved is sitting down for a quick family board game. It's a nice way to transition between activities and spending even 10 minutes to play a game together usually makes it much easier for me to get back to work afterwards. 

Here are a few fun table games that you can enjoy with your kiddos in Spanish (or really any language you're learning)! Some of these board games are really easy to put in your purse or tote bag too and can come in handy if you're having a meal out or waiting somewhere. 

Hope these family-friendly games are a fun addition to your family time! Would love to learn about your favorite games too!

Taco, Gato, Queso, Pizza

Taco Gato Cabra Queso Pizza

This is a really fun and silly game that reminds me a bit of when you try to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time. It is harder than it looks! I love this card game because 1) it's easy to travel with, 2) the rules are simple to explain even to a 4 or 5 year old (the game says 8+, but while it's challenging for our littles, they still enjoy it!), and 3) the game is just as fun for adults as it is for kids. If you already have the English version,  you can just change the words to whatever language you're learning. But, I was also excited to discover there is a Spanish version of this card game already available!

Spot It

Spot It Easy Travel Game to Play in Spanish

Spot It was my favorite game when the kids were about 3-5 because it was one of the games that they could actually win at. The real sense of competition made it more fun, and there was no need to worry about whether to try to take it easy on them or not. Kids are legitimately good at this game!  It's also an easy one to play in Spanish or any other language because the cards just have pictures on them. In the simplest version, you place two cards on the table, and whoever can find the overlapping item first and name it wins that set of cards. The best part about Spot It is that there are a ton of variations of it so you can pick up vocabulary ranging from animals to numbers, shapes, fishing, nature! Spot It is also another easy Spanish travel game because it fits very easily into a purse or bag!

Spanish Bananagrams

Spanish Bananagrams

We're just getting started with Bananagrams because spelling!!! But... I always have loved that Spanish actually reads the way it looks so spelling feels a bit easier to me in Spanish than in English.  I'm super excited to start getting more practice with the Spanish version of Bananagrams. Also love that this is another fun family game you can carry with you anywhere! 

Lil' Loteria

Loteria from Lil Libros

This loteria from Lil' Libros was a hit when our kiddos were about 3-5 as well! Bingo is fun for all ages, and this Spanish game makes it even more educational! 

Temas Para Charlar

Spanish Icebreakers

One of the biggest surprises that I experienced when I became a mom of two is how incredibly different each child can be! It seems obvious, but I honestly didn't realize how two people raised in the same home could have such unique personalities. One can be a talker while the other can't be bribed to share a tidbit about their day ;) One may live for mornings and breakfast time while the other is a total night owl! I love ice breakers as a fun family table game for two reasons: 1) Family friendly and silly conversation starters get kids talking! 2)  Icebreakers can also show how different each person is and help us learn more about our kiddos! Check out the free Spanish table topics on our website for some fun conversation starters. And if you want more, check out our larger set of ideas para charlar.

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