Top 5 Spanish Audiobook Series for Kids, Entertaining Audiolibros for Little Ones

Top 5 Spanish Audiobook Series for Kids, Entertaining Audiolibros for Little Ones

July 24, 2023

We are a big audiobook family. Where we live in Texas, there's quite a bit of driving - 25 minutes here and 25 minutes there, and car rides can get a little crazy with the kids. Audiobooks have been a great way to keep our kids sane and happy in the car, and we love coming across Spanish language series that they can get excited about.

We love Spanish audiobooks for a few reasons:

    1. Audiolibros help us expose our kids to a level of Spanish that is more advanced than what they likely would be able to read on their own at this age - this means way more new vocabulary for all of us!
    2. Chapter books and books that are part of a series offer extra listening time and the ability to develop comprehension as we learn about the characters
    3. We don't have to constantly be pressing pause/play because they're long enough to last through a car ride!
    4. They're a great, low-effort way to increase Spanish language exposure!
    5. And of course - maybe most importantly - they reduce the craziness of our car rides!

Here are five chapter books that our kiddos (ages 5 and 6) both enjoy listening to! We've been able to find these either at our library or on Audible. 

Anna Kadabra (El Club de la Luna Llena is the first book in this fun and magical series)

Anna Kadabra Audiobook

Upon moving to a new remote and mysterious town, Anna Kadabra discovers that she, her teachers and even some of her classmates are witches! She learns magic and embarks on some exciting adventures with her new friends. This childrens' series is originally in Spanish so it's a great option if you're looking for books that are not translations. 

Marcus Pocus (Another fun fantasy series that stems from Anna Kadabra)

Marcus Pocus Audiolibro

Marcus Pocus is also part of El Club de la Luna Llena so if your littles enjoy the Anna Kadabra series, this is a great character to follow in a related but separate series!

Isadora Moon (Another one for lovers of pink, purple and mysteries)

Isadora Moon Audiolibro

There's definitely a bit of a theme here as our kiddos are pretty into fantasty stories these days! Isadora Moon is half fairy, half vampire. In Isadora Moon Va al Ballet, Isadora is worried her mom and dad may not be like other parents when they take a trip to the ballet. And, more concerning is that her pink rabbit goes missing! This is a great audiolibro for Spanish learners. 

Judy Moody (A fun series for the kinder crowd)

Judy Moody Audiolibro

Sometimes, our kids are more in the mood for an English audiobook but we're in the mood for them to get some extra Spanish exposure. A good compromise that sometimes works is a book they've already read in English. Judy Moody is a great series for that since our oldest has heard it in his kinder class in English, but it's also available in Spanish and in an audiolibro format. 

Boxcar Children (Los Chicos del Vagón de Carga) (An oldie, but a goodie)

Boxcar children Audiolibro chicos del vagón de carga

I used to be obsessed with the Boxcar Children series as a kid, and rereading it as an adult has been a bit weird. It seems way more frightening to read as a parent and way more exciting and interesting as a kid. But, this is another series kids can get really into, and yay - it's available in a Spanish audiobook series. 



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