The 5 Best Spanish Early Reading Series for Kids Learning to Read

The 5 Best Spanish Early Reading Series for Kids Learning to Read

July 18, 2023

If you're looking for great early readers to help your 5 and 6-year-old kids learn to read in Spanish, we've got you covered! In this article, we've explored some of the best Spanish early readers that have been a hit with our little ones. We hope you enjoy them too and find them helpful for your child's reading journey. We would love to hear your suggestions for other Spanish early readers you've enjoyed!

English-Spanish First Little Readers 

English Spanish First Little Readers

The English-Spanish First Little Readers are an excellent first set of books for young readers. With repetitive text and helpful pictures, these books assist kids in identifying words while introducing them to both English and Spanish. While they may not have intricate plots, they serve as a perfect starting point for children who are familiar with letter sounds and are beginning to piece them together.

Aprende a leer en la escuela de monstruos

Aprende a leer en la escuela de monstruos

My personal favorite among the easy reading series in Spanish, Aprende a leer en la escuela de monstruos, offers fun and engaging stories with captivating plots. The words are written in capital letters, making it easier for kids to read. Each page has a manageable quantity of words, accompanied by bright and fun illustrations. Better yet, there's a fun drawing tutorial at the back of each book, making this Spanish easy reader series even more entertaining. There are a number of books in the series so if your little one enjoys them, there is a lot of fun to be had! 

Aprende a leer con las fantasticotas

Las Fantasticotas

Coming in as a close second, the Aprende a leer con las fantasticotas series introduces kids to reading in Spanish with fun and exciting stories about animals with secret super hero identitites! The use of capital letters and the engaging plots have made this beginner reading Spanish series a hit among our little readers.

Mi Perro Lucas 

Mi perro Lucas

Mi Perro Lucas and Mi Tortuga Julia were my favorites until we discovered the previous two series. Howeer, these books still hold a special place as they serve as a stepping stone between the simpler early readers and the slightly longer stories found in other series. These sweet and humorous stories about pets are the perfect length for kids to feel accomplished as readers.

Mis primeros calcetines

El paquete

While the Mis primeros calcetines series may be a bit pricey to obtain in the US, it's worth considering if your kids need extra practice with specific letter sounds. These early readers focus on particular letters or letter combinations, such as "r" and "rr" or "que" and "qui." We've found El paquete to be helpful to learn the particularly challenging que/qui sounds.  

These books have been both educational and entertaining, and I'm so happy we've come across them because there is so much more to read when you get to enjoy two languages! 


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