About Us

Lufi Parents 

Lufi & Friends is a company that aims to show children the magic of our multicultural world.  One of the ways we hope to do that is by building enthusiasm among young kids for learning a second, third or even fourth language and giving them tools with which to explore other countries and cultures. 

That is where our Spanish song books were born! We want our little ones to learn Spanish, and enjoy the process.  Music was one of our favorite tools, but we wanted to create a way to leverage music without having to pull out our phones or turn on the TV.  So we combined books + music to create our Spanish song books.  We launched via Kickstarter and thanks to your support, we've been able to bring these books to life.

Lufi & Friends is named for our little ones Lucas and Fiona.  And, lufi is also the word for balloon in Hungarian!

While the kids are the main force behind Lufi & Friends, we adults do our best to help! We're Adrian and Marina, and if you ever email us, you'll be hearing back from one of us!  By day, Adrian is a visual designer. By night, he's a dinosaur, airplane, pillow, and a number of other fun things for Lucas and Fifi.  By day, Marina works in Consumer Insights.  By night, she loves to cook and read with Lucas and Fifi.  When they're asleep, you can find her watching bad TV and pulling out her secret stash of Sour Patch Kids. We were both born outside of the US but had the good fortune to move here at different stages of our lives.  Having both lived and worked abroad, we've seen firsthand the power of connecting with people through different languages so we want to give our little ones the gift of a second language just as our parents did for us!