About Us

Lufi Parents 

Lufi & Friends is named for our little ones, Lucas and Fiona.  As we were trying to think of a name for this brand, we loved the idea of Lufi because it reflects why we started Lufi & Friends - to help parents and caretakers create special shared memories and experiences with their little ones in their bilingual journeys.  Not only does it reflect who we're doing it for, but it also means balloon in Hungarian, which we think is the perfect reflection of having fun and exploring.  The first time you see your baby with a balloon is kind of mind blowing!  They are fascinated by it, and in turn, we are fascinated by them! That's how we feel about learning a second language with our littles - it's so rewarding and pretty mind blowing to see them pick up words and embrace culture.

We started with a Kickstarter campaign to launch our Spanish books that sing, and we're so looking forward to what's to come!  Please reach out anytime and share your feedback, ask for a book reco, or just say ¡hola!


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