Funny Lunchbox Notes in Spanish for Back-to-School

Funny Lunchbox Notes in Spanish for Back-to-School

August 12, 2023

Hola parents and fellow lunchbox packers! I can't believe it's time for back-to-school already 🎒 And while I'm very tempted to go all in on making my kids buy their lunch daily because I can't stand opening up the lunchbox at the end of the day to find all of the fruit and veggies still in there, I think I'll feel better if I pack lunch at least a few days a week (this may be overly-ambitious, only time will tell). 

To add a little splash of fun to your kiddo's day, we've got some super cute printable lunchbox notes to add a little Spanish language fun and giggles to lunchtime.

Laugh-out-loud notes:

Picture this: your mini-me pops open their lunchbox to find a surprise that's way better than a hidden treasure – it's a note that tickles their funny bone! These notes are a sweet way to send a little love with them to school!

  1. Que tengas un día flan-tastico: Pair this note with a little flan cup! Desserts can be punny and delicious!
  2. ¿Hace mucho que espera? No, soy manzana: This one would "pear" (pun intended) perfectly with an apple, pear or some applesauce! 
  3. ¿Cuál es la fruta que más se rie? Naranja-ja-ja: Stick this one next to the orange slices to make sure your little one gets an extra dose of Vitamin C! 
  4. I love you "oso" much!: If your kiddo takes a lovey to school, this is a cute one to stick to their favorite teddy bear! 
  5. ¿Cuál es el baile favorite del tomate? La salsa: Leave this cute note with some cherry or grape tomatoes or chips and salsa! 
  6. Que seas feliz como una lombriz: And finally...saving the best for last! Leave a gummy worm with this cute note. 

These notes are a great way to upgrade lunch and maybe even get your kids to practice their Spanish reading skills! And hey, adults can rock lunchbox notes too! Download them for free here!


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