Bilingual Bookshelf's Summer Reading Challenge Picks!

Bilingual Bookshelf's Summer Reading Challenge Picks!

August 13, 2020

Hola lectores,

I’m Amber, creator of the Instagram account @bilingualbookshelf. I search far and wide to find the best new diverse English, Spanish, and bilingual books, as well as literacy activities to go along with them. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to have someone enjoy a book I suggested, so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute some of my picks for the Spanish Summer Reading Challenge!

I think every voice deserves to be heard, and I love supporting independent authors and publishers who create bilingual and bicultural content. That’s why you may not be able to find many of my recommendations in the big bookstores.

Here are our bingo square book picks:

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Contando fruta con abuelita

Ensalada de frutas, pico de gallo de fruta, Mexican-style fruit salad – whatever you call it, the delicious snack made of fruit and chile en polvo is the focus of this children’s counting book, Contando Fruta con Abuelita, by Lilia V. Guerrero.

This book could not be more appropriate for the Spanish Summer Reading Challenge. Vibrant illustrations by Eleyna V. Guerrero show you and your readers everything you need to make a refreshing ensalada de frutas to beat the summer heat.

Find it here on Amazon.

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In addition to being a speech and language pathologist and running my Instagram account, I’m also a consultant for Usborne Book and More. Our #bookfacefriday pick, Si digo OOH, tú dices AAH, by John Kane, comes from my UBAM bookshop.

Never have I ever seen my daughter laugh so hard as when we read this book together. What preschooler wouldn’t find a donkey wearing polka-dotted underpants on its head hilarious?!

This book is great for teaching kids to follow directions, such as, “Cada vez que pase la página, tienes que saludar con la mano,” or “Cuando ves una hormiga, tienes que decir calzones.”

 See it here in my UBAM bookshop.


Leer un libro en el parque

Crece florecita grow

Pack a picnic, pick some flowers, and plop down on a blanket to read Grow, Florecita, Grow: Crece, Florecita, Crece by Mayra Ochoa Stewart. This beautiful ode to flowers encourages readers of all ages to believe in themselves so they can grow to their full potential.

It’s actually two books in one – read the Spanish version, then flip the book over and turn it around to read the English version.

Find it on here on Amazon.


Leer un libro que se trata de las emociones

Pansies traditionally symbolize feelings. Pensamientos: Un cuento sobre las emociones by Nathalia Gaviria, Janike Ruginis, and Alexis Ruginis, uses pansies of different colors to draw connections between colors and emotions. Older readers can appreciate the poetic Spanish verse, while younger readers will learn to label colors and emotions.

Find it here

I hope these picks help you complete your bingo card for the Spanish Summer Reading Challenge! Thank you, Lufi & Friends, for inviting me to participate!

Un abrazo,


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