5 Spanish Books to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

5 Spanish Books to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

October 01, 2020

Un Vampiro Peligrozo by José Carlos Andrés y Gómez, Ages 4+

A super sweet book about a little vampire who is trying so very hard to be scary but can't quite cut it. Luckily, he finds a friend who goes out of her way for him. Super cute illustrations!

Available on Amazon: Un Vampiro Peligrozo


Vampiro Peligrozo


Cosas de Bruja by Marisole Brusa and Marta Sevilla, Ages 4+

A wonderful book from NubeOcho's Egalité collection that touches on important topics of diversity, equality and self-esteem.

Available on Amazon: Cosas de Bruja


Los Calzoncillos Maléficos by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown, Ages 3+

A super fun read - this big boy bunny thinks he's ready for some new creepy underwear, but is he brave enough to handle them?!

Available on Amazon: Los Calzoncillos Maléficos

Calzoncillos Maléficos


A Dormir Monstruos by Ed Vere, Ages 2+

One of our favorites that is fun to bring around this time of year. This is such a fun read-aloud with lots of fun sounds and excitement! It looks like this monster is coming for your little, but the ending is super sweet!

Available on Amazon: A dormir, Monstruos

A dormir, monstruos


El Cucuy...and other Spooky Legends from Latin American Folklore by Naibe Reynoso, Ages 5+

This is a wonderful collection of spooky short stories! I love this one because you can read it throughout the month! Also wonderful because it is a truly bilingual book with both English and Spanish. Rhyming verses for bonus points!

Available on Amazon: El Cucuy...and other Spooky Legends from Latin American Folklore



And a bonus!!

Our very own...Halloween no me da miedo, ages 0+

Halloween No Me Da Miedo

Halloween no me da miedo is a short but sweet Kindle book with the catchiest Halloween song! Perfect for the littles that get a little spooked about the Halloween holiday! 

Available on Amazon:  Halloween no me da miedo


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