For the futbolista

For the futbolista

December 02, 2022

It's World Cup season, and we are both loving it and feeling major anxiety as we root for our teams!

Here are a couple of our favorite reads that have helped build some pasión for el fútbol in our home!

El gran equipo Africano

El gran equipo africano
This book with beautiful rhyming verses tells the story of a team filled with unique animals with different strengths. A super fun read to learn about the positions on a soccer team and a bit about animals too! But the best part is how the book highlights the team working together and using each animals' strengths!
This one is also available as a wonderful audiobook

¡Qué golazo!

Que golazo

This is a fun read about a little boy with a passion for soccer! He runs into a challenge with some older kids that challenge him on the field! A heartwarming story about how soccer brings kids together. This one is available via kindle.

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