5 Reasons to Gift a Book that Sings this Holiday Season (from our customers)

5 Reasons to Gift a Book that Sings this Holiday Season (from our customers)

November 23, 2022

Not sure what to get for the little kids on your shopping list. Here are the five reasons we think a book that sings should be on your list!

1. It grows with the kiddo!

We think this is the perfect gift for babies to age 6. Even older kids who are learning Spanish will love it too! The best part is that is grows with the child. Babies can listen along with their caretakers. As they become toddlers, they'll start bopping along to the songs, then humming and you'll soon see a 2 or 3 year old starting to sing-along! 

"I love that it has both text and audio, we got this for our newborn on the way but my 5yo is using it (she is learning Spanish). It has quickly become her favorite book and I can’t wait to collect them all!" - Leslie

"On the very first day, our son started to "sing" along and his sister could practice reading the words on the page." - Jeff & Pamela

2. Gift parents and caretakers some time!

As a parent, I am always grateful for anything that buys me 10-15 minutes to take care of an errand, take a shower or sit down and drink a cup of coffee or tea. Song books entertain kiddos independently and let the parents and caretakers take a break if they need one! 

"My son loves the book! He loves looking at the pictures and enjoys that he can "read" it or "sing" it to himself." - Damaris
"My toddler loves these books! We have 3 now and he has enjoyed all of them. They are easy for him to use and the content keeps him engaged." - ES

3. Perfect to enjoy as a family

If you don't need a breather, it's the perfect way for a family to learn a second language together! Music is an incredible tool for language learning, regardless of age.

"I first discovered Lufi and Friends a few years ago on Kickstarter and bought two of the books for my then 1 year old daughter. She absolutely loved pushing the buttons and dancing along to the music. I was so excited this book came out with some of the more popular children’s songs so that my children could sing in both English and Spanish. It did not disappoint! Both my daughter and son love to find and push the buttons to turn on their favorite songs with an added bonus of increased exposure to another language." - Carissa

4. It's educational!

Raising bilingual kids is proven to help with skills beyond just language - learning a second language helps kids to be stronger at math, reading, and even multitasking!

"Each tune/ song in this charming book is a classic that I have sung to the infants I teach for decades. This is a great investment for educators and parents." - Andrea


5. Fosters a love of reading

The engaging songs in these books make them the perfect first book to foster a love of books and reading! No screens required! 

"Such a fun way to pair learning a new language, music, and fun and best of all, without a screen/ with a real book!"

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