24 days of Spanish holiday songs!

24 days of Spanish holiday songs!

December 02, 2022

This month, I'll share 24 days of holiday songs in Spanish that your little one can learn! Personally, I think this is my absolute favorite way to learn Spanish, and I hope you'll enjoy it too! Come back each day for a new song! 

Day 1: Rodolfo el reno

I love starting out with this song because it tends to be a bit easier for kids to learn if they already know Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in English. You can listen to this song on our playlist which we'll be updating daily with our 24 songs for the holiday season!

If your little one is just starting to learn Spanish, sometimes they'll learn the song but not always know what the words mean.

I try to do a little mini quiz after to help my littles remember the words... but I also don't push it too much as mine only like to be quizzed a few times before they get annoyed with me ;) 

- el reno (reindeer)

- Navidad (Christmas)

- nariz (nose)

- trineo (sled)

- rojo/a (red)

Day 2: Mi burrito sabanero

I love this version from Canticos because it also has an English component for new learners who may want to understand the words better. 

A few great words to learn from this song are:

- burrito (donkey)

- sendero (path)

- apúrate (hurry up)

- voy camino (I go walking)

- voy cantando (I go singing)


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