An Italian Song Book Easter Basket

An Italian Song Book Easter Basket

March 16, 2024

Easter is just around the corner, and we wanted to come up with an idea for an Easter basket that would get a ton of use from the babies and toddlers in our lives!

We love this idea for an Italian song inspired basket! This one is centered around a fan favorite - "Un elefante si dondolava" (An elephant was swinging). This song is a fan favorite and fits perfectly for the holiday season!


  1. We started with a cute wicker Easter basket
  2. Then we added some yellow Easter Basket filler
  3. We added our My first Italian Book that Sings Animal Songs and turned the page to one of our favorite songs - Un elefante si dondolava. 
  4. Our kids go crazy for soft loveys so we added this adorable elephant from Jellycat.
  5. And then we added some colorful musical instruments. We loved these because they're not too loud - which makes them perfect for kiddos to get all of the benefits of music and developing hand eye coordination but not too loud for parents!

And ecco! We love the way it turned out and hope it gives you a little inspiration if you're looking to put together a special basket that will get tons of use from your baby or toddler!

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