A springtime Spanish playlist

A springtime Spanish playlist

March 23, 2024

A few of our favorite songs to introduce Springtime vocabulary!

Springtime brings an air of freshness and joy, and what better way to celebrate the season than with lively music? If you're looking for a fun way to introduce your kids to the beauty of Spanish language, this Springtime playlist is place to start!  From chirping birds to playful raindrops, these songs capture the essence of this season. Check out our Spotify Springtime / Primavera playlist! It includes songs ranging from 

  1. Diez Pajaritos: Starting off our playlist is "Diez Pajaritos," a cheerful tune that counts ten little birds while teaching basic counting skills. With its catchy melody, this song is sure to have your kids singing along in no time.

  2. La Mariposita: "La Mariposita" introduces children to the world of butterflies in a way that will get them dancing!

  3. Cinco Patitos: Who can resist the adorable quacks of "Cinco Patitos"? This classic nursery rhyme teaches counting backward from five as five little ducklings venture out on their own. It's a playful song that's perfect for Springtime sing-alongs.

  4. Que Llueva: "Que Llueva" celebrates the joy of rain and is the perfect special song for a rainy day. 

  5. Sol Solecito: When the sun comes out to play, "Sol Solecito" is the perfect song to sing along. With its sunny melody and simple lyrics, it's a delightful ode to sunshine that's sure to brighten up any day.

  6. El Patio de Mi Casa: "El Patio de Mi Casa" encourages movement and imagination, making it a favorite among young listeners.

  7. Cucú Cantaba la Rana: Join in the fun with "Cucú Cantaba la Rana," a playful song that will help littles learn the sounds that animals make across different cultures. 

  8. Los Pollitos: "Los Pollitos" is a classic favorite and perfect for the spring season. 

  9. Lluvia Lluvia Vete Ya: As the rain clouds clear, "Lluvia Lluvia Vete Ya" bids farewell to the rain with its catchy refrain. 

  10. Canción de la Primavera: Finally, "Canción de la Primavera" welcomes Springtime with open arms, celebrating the beauty of the season in all its glory. 

If you and your little ones can't get enough of these delightful tunes, be sure to check out our book of animal songs and traditional songs which features many of the favorites listed above! It's the perfect companion for musical adventures at home or on the go. 

Wishing you and yours happy Spring singing!


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