3 Spanish Language Graphic Novels for Kids

3 Spanish Language Graphic Novels for Kids

November 03, 2023

Hi there, amigos and amigas! Are you on the lookout for some super cool Spanish graphic novels that'll get your little ones hooked on reading? Look no further! Below, check out some awesome graphic novels that will let your kids enjoy exciting adventure and beautiful, colorful artwork all while helping them learn Spanish!

As a parent of young readers, I love graphic novels because my kids don't feel like I'm pushing them to do their "reading." We're still in the phase where reading is pretty challenging and can be a bit tiring, but graphic novels make it feel like so much more fun and so much less work. It brings me joy when I notice them sounding out the letters and words on their own as they try to figure out the story through the pictures. 

From robots to talking potatoes - these graphic novels will work for the Spanish pro as well as the kiddos that are just starting to learn the language. 

Super Patata

Super Patata

Super Patata is by Spanish cartoonist Arthur Laperla and features the adventures of a crime fighter turned potato superhero. He has lots of different adventures challenging evil scientists, space creatures and more. Why we love this one:

  1. It's a graphic novel originally in Spanish! Woohoo!
  2. There are lots of books in the series so if your kiddo gets into it, there's plenty of reading to be done! 
  3. Right up their alley humor wise! My 7 year old digs it! 


Un Amigo para Dragón 

Un amigo para dragon

I'm not sure if everyone would count Un Amigo para Dragón as a graphic novel, but I sure do... it's not exactly comic book style, but it has illustrations on each page, and they are so fun! A lonely dragon goes on the hunt for a friend. A snake tricks him into believing that he's made friends with an apple. Together, they show us what it means to be a real friend! Watch out - if you're feeling sensitive, this one can bring on a few tears.  There are three other books in this fun series! I love this one because:

  1. OK - tears may be a bit exaggerated, but it's certainly heartwarming! 
  2. It's easier for me to follow than a graphic novel that has a lot of dialogue. This one feels more like a regular chapter book. The amount of text on each page feels manageable and the sense of accomplishment when my son finished it was amazing (for both of us)!
  3. It's by Dav Pilkey, author of Captain Underpants, so it was very easy to convince my son to try it out! But it's much sweeter and funnier (imho). 
  4. Bonus - it's available on Amazon and is not crazy expensive. 

El Robot del Bosque 

El robot del bosque

In this first book of the series, Mus and Wagner, a mouse and a bear, come across a robot while out and about. They decide to take it home to fix, and it turns out, its job is to help anyone who needs a hand! Fun and adventures ensue! The three reasons I liked El Robot del Bosque:

  1. A friendly helpful robot is my jam - I like anything that can subtly encourage my kiddos to be helpful to others! 
  2. This one has a little bit more text on each page than some of the others, but it's still all caps so it's a good transition book once they are a bit more confident with reading.
  3. I love that there are 10 books in the graphic novel series. If the first one's a hit, there are hours of entertainment to come!


What are your favorites?

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