Spanish books we're buying from the Audible Sale!

Spanish books we're buying from the Audible Sale!

December 01, 2023

Hola amigos! I'm a little late to this party, but this Audible sale is pretty great so I spent last night looking for Spanish audiobooks. These are the ones that I have in my cart - I can't get these through our library so I'm pumped to get them for us to enjoy over the holidays and next year! Whether you're into kids' tales or adult escapades, I pulled a little something for everyone. 

P.S. Make sure you don't use your Audible credits for these because the sales price doesn't make that worthwhile! 

🌈 Spanish Audiobooks For the Kiddos: 

Los Futbolisimos

Futbolisimos Audiobook

This Los Futbolisimos series came highly recommended to me when we traveled to Spain earlier this year, but I thought it was still a little too challenging for my little one to read on his own, and I wasn't sure I'd get into reading it. But... listening to it is a different story! I know our 7 year old is going to dig this soccer themed series! There are a bunch in this series so if your little one enjoys it, there's more fun to be had!  

Dibu Martinez, Pasión por el fútbol

Dibu Audiobook

As a huge Argentina fútbol fan, Dibu Martinez is basically one of my heroes after the World Cup last year so I can't wait to listen to this one with my kids! 

Los Rescatadores Mágicos

Rescatadores Mágicos

My kids love stories that have a little bit of a magical element to them so I can't wait to try out Los Rescatadores Mágicos. It's from the same illustrator as Anna Kadabra and Marcus Pocus which are also great series that are part of the Audible sale! There are a lot of stories in this Audible original series which means lots of entertainment to be had! 

Los Buscapistas


I also love listening to detective type stories with the kids so the Los Buscapistas series is totally calling my name! 

El Mar Profundo

Mar profundo

I love this series from Ladybird Adventures! We have a bunch of these, and they're such a great way to introduce your kids to non-fiction! I always learn a lot listening to these too so looking forward to learning about El Mar Profundo.

📖 Spanish Language Audiobooks for Grown-Up Escapes: 

What's holiday shopping if you don't get yourself a little treat too? I personally love reading psychological thrillers and suspense stuff - probably to balance out all of the children's books I read? 

Here's what's on my list! 

El cuco de cristal 

cuco de cristal

Javier Castillo is an awesome author that I've enjoyed in the past so I'm excited to listen to El cuco de cristal . Even reading the description gave me goosebumps.. Cora, a first-year resident, suffers a heart attack and is saved by a heart transplant. Only she has to do something in return.

El Problema Final

El problema final

This one seems like a unique crime solving book and I've heard it has an exciting and unexpected ending... so count me in for El Problema Final!

La asistenta [The Housemaid]

La asistenta

I've been wanting to read this one for a while but am still on the waiting list at my library so I will listen to the Spanish version instead and get a little more español in my life!

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