Three Spanish audio options for car rides with your little ones

Three Spanish audio options for car rides with your little ones

July 30, 2019

As tempted as we are to listen to Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers on repeat whenever we're chauffeuring our little ones around, a little good old fashioned parental guilt keeps telling us we should *occasionally* put on some alternative educational audio content.  So we've been on the hunt for a good podcast or audio book resource in Spanish.  It has been HARD to find something that works well in the car, is age appropriate, relatively easy for kids to understand, and doesn't bore us to death. But after listening to dozens of different options through iTunes, Spotify, and other websites, we wanted to share the three that we've loved enough to play on repeat.

The Spanish Experiment 

This is our favorite so far! This site features traditional stories translated into Spanish.  The narrators speak clearly, slowly and with variation in their tone.  This is the only one that we've found so far where our toddler will actually repeat some of the phrases he hears because of the emotion that the narrators put in to it.  Pollito Tito has been our favorite story so far and we've given it quite a few listens.  Each story is 5-10 minutes long which works well for a quick break between T. Swift songs.  We can usually listen to one or two stories on the way to daycare in the AM and then another on the way back.

 Ven Con Un Cuento

This podcast created by Spotify features quality recordings of traditional children's stories, from The Emperor Has No Clothes (El traje nuevo del Emperador) to Sleeping Beauty (La Bella Durmiente).  The recordings include fun sound effects that make it just as entertaining for kids as watching TV. They are similar in length so they work really well for short car rides. 

 Allegro Mágico 

This podcast features the most unique content we've found, and it is really growing on us! The podcasts on this site bring classical music to life by integrating it into stories in Spanish.  The podcasts are a combination of classical music and storytelling that help kids (and parents) learn about the background of the music.  The podcast features some children's voices, too, which has really captured the attention of our toddler.  And, they're a bit longer (about 20 minutes) which makes them excellent for longer car rides.  There are 54 episodes available, YAY!!

Happy listening! Do you have other audio content suggestions?  Favorite podcasts? Audio books?  


Jen Nava

Jen Nava said:

Thank you for these resources!!!!


Audrey said:

Thank you for sharing. These are wonderful recommendations! How do you listen to the spanish experiment in the car? I think my kids would really enjoy it!

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