The perfect Spanish language book for young detectives (and their parents)!

The perfect Spanish language book for young detectives (and their parents)!

August 31, 2023

Long weekends make me so happy! I love the anticipation of the long weekend, the waking up on a Sunday and having it still feel like a Saturday, and the added bonus of a short work week to follow is so good!

This long weekend, I am looking forward to get some reading in! I just finished the steamy Spanish language read, Culpa Mia by Mercedes Ron, and I am a few chapters into a psychological thriller that I'm already hooked on and is responsible for my grogginess this morning- The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth. 

I'm also equally as excited to keep reading a new children's book that we came across recently - Cuentos para leer con lupa del Detective Picard by Pedro Mañas. Full disclosure - we are only 3 stories in so only about half way. But... it's so good so far and you can get it in time for the long weekend so I had to go ahead and share! This feels like the perfect weekend read for kids 5 and up (to read with or without an adult depending on their reading level and what everyone is up for!). 

Cuentos para leer con lupa del Detective Picard is from the same author as Anna Kadabra and Marcus Pocus, both of which we've enjoyed both reading and listening to. In Cuentos para leer con lupa del Detective Picard, Mr. Picard and his daughter Ágata are the best detectives in town, and you and your little one can solve mysteries alongside the Picard family. As the detectives solve their cases (each case is one chapter, and there are 7 cases in the book), they share pictures of the evidence so that the reader can identify the clues and help figure out who did it!  

Cuentos para leer con lupa

5 reasons we're loving this Spanish language book of mysteries for kiddos (and hope you will too)!

1. It's engaging and interactive! 

It's so fun to figure out who the culprit is together! I love interactive books and as the kids get a bit older, it's hard to find Spanish language books that have a cool interactive, engaging element. Cuentos para leer con lupa del Detective Picard lets the kids look for the clues in the pictures. Even as an adult, I feel totally intrigued wanting to find out who committed the crime in question! 

2. It has just the right amount of silly!

The stories have a bit of silliness to them which makes them more fun (e.g., a dog that has been dyed pink, a baker who makes broccoli cakes). 

3. It's great for practicing sounding out Spanish words

Each page has a handful of words that are bold and a bit bigger so if you want to read it with your kids but also have them practice sounding out some words, it's easy to put them in charge of the highlighted ones. 

4. The cases and questions help with reading comprehension

Cuentos para leer con lupa del Detective Picard is great for practicing reading comprehension without making it feel like you're quizzing your kids! Every few pages, there's a question about one of the clues - the reader has to find the clue in the picture, but it also requires them to have been paying attention and processing the information on the previous pages. They may not always get it, but it's a great way to develop their comprehension! 

5. It's easy to split up over a few days

There are 7 cases and each seems to be independent of the others! I love this because you can read just 1, or 3 or all 7 - depending on how much time you have. We've been doing one a night, and I'm so excited for 4 evening weekends to finish this one! Honestly, I'm already hoping this book becomes a series! 

And bonus - it's originally in Spanish which is awesome! 

Would love to hear what you're thinking of doing/reading this weekend! Hope it is a restful one! 



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