Spring Sing-Along Books

Spring Sing-Along Books

March 28, 2024

Books that little ones can sing along to with their parents and caretakers are some of our very favorites! They have so many benefits! Here are just a few!

1. Develop a love of reading: Music is so catchy and stimulates so many wonderful emotions. For a little one that may have a hard time engaging with books, singing a book is a wonderful way of getting them to stay connected with books for longer and build their attention span for engaging with books.

2. Speaking skills: Music helps little ones with pronunciation. The bite-sized sounds make it easier for little ones to repeat and learn words. And the catchiness makes babies and toddlers eager to read and speak on repeat!

3. Calm and connection: Research shows that singing can keep babies calm for twice as long as talking to them! Singing a book together is a wonderful way to connect. 

Here are a few of our favorite books to sing along during the spring!

Singing in the Rain illustrated by Tim Hopgood

April showers bring May flowers! This beautifully illustrated book version of the classic Singing in the Rain song is so lovely. It literally makes me want to take drawing and painting lessons - it's so gorgeous!

There's a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake by Loren Long

One of the classic sounds of spring is the sound of frogs croaking! This classic kids song is so fun because of the repeating and building verses!

Everything Grows illustrated by Nina Matta

We have such strong Raffi memories! He literally made car rides possible for us when our kids were little! Without him, we wouldn't have been able to get more than a mile from our house. This spring classic is beautifully illustrated by Nina Matta and perfect for the season where everything grows! 

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