My favorite Spanish picture book series

My favorite Spanish picture book series

August 08, 2022

Have you read the picture books by Gracia Iglesias and Sara Sanchez (Marcelina en la cocina, Qué jaleo Timoteo and 3 other amazing books in this series)? If not, don't wait! These are my all time favorite picture books that I've read with my kids (in any language). Here are the 5 reasons why I LOVE these books and will bring them for any read aloud:

1. The amazing rhyming verses! The writing is beautiful and sing-songy and just so fun to read. Rhyming verses make it so much easier for kids to pick up sounds and even words. I love reading a rhyming verse and leaving the last word out to see if my kids can guess what it is.

2. They are laugh out loud funny! The characters and the silly situations they get themselves into will make you and your little ones laugh (and there is nothing better than the sound of kids laughing)!

3. The character development! Each book features mostly the same characters and in each one you learn a little more about the personality about a specific character. It's super fun to see the kids remembering the characters from the previous books and seeing them pop into the stories.

4. The illustrations are so happy and beautiful detailed! Sara Sanchez is so talented... you have to see for yourself. Sometimes as parents we focus so much on the words when we're reading, but these books make you really stop and notice the beautiful details of the illustrations. 

5. They can be super interactive. The funny sounds and variety of characters make it easy to do fun voices when reading aloud. The detailed illustrations often foreshadow what will be on the next page which makes for a very fun and interactive experience and easier opportunites to ask your little ones questions as you read. 

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