A Domani, Caimani & More Rhyming Goodbyes in Italian

A Domani, Caimani & More Rhyming Goodbyes in Italian

February 23, 2024

There are so many fun rhyming verses for saying goodbye in English! But where are all of the Italian options?! What's the Italian language equivalent of See ya later alligator, in a while crocodile, and toodle-loo kangaroo?

Rhyming Goodbyes in Italian

Here are 10+ fun rhyming ways to say goodbye in Italian! We managed to find a couple googling, but also had to do a little creative thinking so some of these rhymes might feel like a tiny bit of a stretch! Hope you have as much fun with them as we are!

  1. A domani, caimani! (See you tomorrow, caimans)
  2. Ci vediamo, pellicano! (See you, pelican)
  3. A stasera, pantera! (See you tonight, panther)
  4. A domani, tucani! (See you tomorrow, toucans)
  5. Devo andare, pescecane! (I have to go, shark)
  6. Buon viaggio, scarafaggio! (Have a good trip, cockroach)
  7. Ti saluto, caro Pluto! (Greetings, dear Pluto)
  8. Buon fine settimana, rana! (Have a good weekend, frog)
  9. A dopo, topo! (See you later, mouse)
  10. Buonanotte, camaleonte! (Good night, chameleon)
  11. Me ne vado, calamaro! (I'm leaving, squid)
  12. Mi ritiro, vampiro! (I'm leaving, vampire!)
  13. Mi ritiro, tapiro! (I'm leaving, tapir)

And some more options in English for variety!

  1. Gotta go, buffalo
  2. On the road, happy toad
  3. Bye-bye butterfly
  4. Take care, polar bear
  5. Out the door, dinosaur
  6. Adios, hippos
  7. Big hug, lady bug
  8. Be sweet, parakeet
  9. See ya soon, racoon
  10. Toodle loo kangaroo

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