3 Spanish Holiday Songs to Learn with Your Kids

3 Spanish Holiday Songs to Learn with Your Kids

December 22, 2020

We've been getting our fill of holiday music while it's still socially acceptable to blast it all day! This year has been a total treat because our kids are starting to get really into the songs and are starting to learn the words. We even learned a few new words ourselves... the bit about Parson Brown in Frosty the Snowman was news to me!

We've also been trying to introduce some Spanish Villancicos and thought we'd share 3 of our favorites so far!

Rodolfo El Reno

Our little love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer so learning it in Spanish was a little bit easier for them than some of the other songs since they already knew the premise of the song! This YouTube version is great because the images really match the words and make it easier for little kids to understand what's happening!


Campana Sobre Campana

A beautiful Christmas song that is great for kids to learn with its repeating words and verses! This version does a good job illustrating the lyrics!


Mi Burrito Sabanero

Love this song! The melody totally makes me want to bust a move! And it does the same for our littles. The Canticos video is awesome as always!

Hope these might offer a little inspiration for songs to learn with your bilingual babies! What are your favorite holiday songs? 

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