22 Spanish Board Books & Picture Books I Can't Wait to Read in 2022

22 Spanish Board Books & Picture Books I Can't Wait to Read in 2022

January 02, 2022

This weekend, I had a chance to explore some of the new Spanish language books that have come out over the past few months or are coming soon, and I am so excited! There’s so much fun stuff to read with the kids this year! I'm sharing this list of 22 books for 2022 as a reference for any other bilingual families or classrooms looking for exciting new reads! It features a lot of new books as well as a few old favorites. Let me know what’s on your reading list this year!

I am so excited that the amazing writer/illustrator duo, Gracia Iglesias and Sara Sánchez, came out with a new book in their amazing series of rhyming picture books. Can’t wait to read (1) Buen camino, Celestino! and bring back three favorites from this same author/illustrator power duo: (2) Marcelina en la cocina, (3) ¡Qué jaleo, Timoteo! and (4) my all time favorite Felipe tiene gripe.

I'm also super excited about this new book, (4) ¿Dónde estás, cerdito? from Margarita del Mazo. She makes beautiful board books and this one looks so cute! It's also illustrated by Laure du Fay, who illustrated one of my other favorite books, (5) Te como a besos. Te como a besos is one of the sweetest books and is a wonderful reminder of the power of kindness and laughter. 

I am so pumped that so many Jon Klassen books have been translated to Spanish in the last year or so. I love these books, and I think my kids would love them even more now than a year ago because they'd probably understand the jokes a little bit more. I can't wait to read (6) Dos tortugas y un sombrero,  (7) Yo quiero mi sombrero, and (8) El ladrón del sombrero. These are some of my favorite, fun to read books in English so I'm really hoping the translations will come through!

(9) Tormenta de pimienta looks like a beautiful new read from Rafael Ordoñez and touches a bit on the topic of bullying so I am looking forward to using it to hopefully kick off a little bit of conversation about that topic with our kiddos. Rafael Ordoñez also wrote (10) El pedo más grande del mundo. It is a favorite among our kids because they love that potty humor. It makes me cringe a bit, but it's worth the belly laughs I get to hear coming from them. 


I've heard great things about (11) El color de tu piel, and I think it will be a great way to continue important conversations about race and racism in our household.   

I am such a big Chris Haughton fan - his books are among the most fun to read with little kids, and I'm so pumped that there is a new translation out this year! I can't wait to read (12) Quizás. Of the 4 translated books I've read of Chris Haughtons, 2 I thought were as good as (if not better than) the original English versions:   (13) ¡Shh! Tenemos un plan and  (14) Un poco perdido so I am excited to bring those back into the rotation.

I love the Daniela Pirata books - it can be hard to come by books with female protagonists, and this series is pretty fun! I'm excited that our daughter is probably ready to sit through these! The new one is called (15) Daniela Pirata y la bruja sofronisa, and I also enjoyed (16) Daniela Pirata and (17) Daniela y las chicas pirata.

Another beautifully illustrated book is (18) ¡Eso no es normal! which touches on  themes of diversity! Can't wait to check it out. 

I'm so pumped for Naibe Reynoso's newer books, (19) Valientes Creadores de la Historia and (20) Pioneros Audaces. I love reading non-fiction with our kids because I always learn something new. 


And may be a little biased here, but I'm super excited for our kids to keep learning the songs from our new song books: (21) Mis primeras canciones tradicionales en español and (22) Mis primeras canciones infantiles en español.  De colores is my current favorite - such a beautiful song!

What are you reading or writing!! this year?



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