Set of 2 Spanish Books that Sing

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Save 10% with our Spanish Books that Sing bundle!

You'll love this set of books that sing for your little one or as the perfect gift for a little one or teacher!

Lufi & Friends' books that sing: 

  • Provide an immersive Spanish language experience
  • Look like books, not toys, so they cultivate a love for books and reading
  • Feature beautiful vocals and music by native speakers
  • Have unique and vibrant illustrations by native speaking artists
  • Are lightweight and portable for use in the car, stroller or even on the changing table

This bundle includes 2 books and a total of 12 songs!

  • My first Spanish Book that Sings traditional songs which includes 
    • Arroz con leche (Rice pudding)
    • A la rueda, rueda (Let's go around)
    • El patio de mi casa (The yard of my house)
    • El barquito chiquitito (The small boat)
    • De colores (All in colors)
    • Debajo del botón (Underneath the button)
  • My First Spanish Book that Sings Children's Songs  which features
    • La araña pequeñita (The itsy bitsy spider)
    • 5 Monitos (5 little monkeys)
    • 5 Patitos (5 little ducks)
    • Cabeza, hombros, rodillas, pies (Head, shoulders, knees and toes)
    • Si eres feliz y tú lo sabes (If you're happy and you know it)
    • Las ruedas del autobús (The wheels on the bus)
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