Holiday Bundle of 2 Spanish Books that Sing

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 Save 10% with our Spanish Books that Sing bundle! 

You'll love this set of books that sing for your little one or as the perfect gift for a little one or teacher! 

Lufi & Friends' books that sing: 

  • Provide an immersive Spanish language experience
  • Look like books, not toys, so they cultivate a love for books and reading
  • Feature beautiful vocals and music by native speakers
  • Have unique and vibrant illustrations by native speaking artists
  • Are lightweight and portable for use in the car, stroller or even on the changing table

This bundle includes 2 books and a total of 12 songs!

  • Mis primeras canciones de Navidad en español which includes Noche de Paz (Silent night), Campana sobre campana (Bell after bell), Mi burrito sabanero (My donkey of the savannah), Peces en el río (Fish in the river), El tamborilero (The drummer), Cascabel (Jingle bells)
  • Mis primeras canciones sobre las rutinas which features songs that help make handwashing, cleanup, brushing teeth and other routines run much more smoothly! Songs include: Buen día (Good morning), A lavarse los dientes (Let's brush our teeth), Así es como me voy a la escuela (This is the way we go to school), A guardar (Clean-up), Yo me lavo las manos (I wash my hands), Que tengas un buen día (Have a good day)


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