Pre-Order: My First Chinese Book that Sings - Traditional Songs


*Pre-orders will ship as soon as we receive the new shipment of books - expected date June 2021.*

My First Chinese Book that Sings features 6 traditional animal songs in Mandarin Chinese. Each song is written in English, Mandarin and PinYin (phonetic pronunciation of Mandarin characters) for easy language learning for the whole family.




Includes the songs: 

  • 两只老虎 (Two Tigers)

  • 小燕子 (The Little Swallow)

  • 小兔子乖乖 (Well-behaved Little Rabbit)

  • 蜗 牛与 黄 鹂 鸟 (The Snail and the Orioles)

  • 蝴蝶 (Butterfly)

  • 数鸭子 (Counting Ducks)

The perfect gift for the bilingual baby or toddler in your life!  


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