Why should kids learn a second language?
  • It builds understanding and empathy!  Language is a gift that keeps on giving! It opens children and adults to new people and perspectives, allows them to travel and immerse themselves in new cultures, and encourages multicultural curiosity and awareness, allowing us to raise empathetic little ones in a world full of diverse languages and places. 
  • It helps your brain! Bilingual children show more neural activity in the areas of the brain related to memory, attention and language. What does this mean for kids? They are better able to focus, avoid distraction, solve problems, and even outscore monolingual children on both verbal and math sections of standardized tests.
  • It pays off! The benefits of bilingualism extend throughout life.  Not only does being bilingual open children up to more job and learning opportunities as adults, research also shows that bilingual brains age better. Bilingualism may actually delay the onset of dementia in older adults. 


How will these books help develop language skills?
  • They expose children to new languages starting at birth! Children’s brains are wired to learn new languages and birth to age six is the best time to start because it allows kids to pick up pronunciation more easily and separate languages more efficiently. These books expose kids to a new language starting as early as when they’re born! Start by enjoying the books with them (lullabies are perfect for newborns and babies), pressing the button, pointing out images and singing along. As your child develops, you’ll see them start to dance to the music, press the buttons on their own, and soon enough even repeat the words and sounds they hear.
  • Music is sticky! We often get songs stuck on in our heads and they help us learn new words (even as adults). Music helps develop pronunciation! Even parents who may not be familiar with a language will find it easy to sing-along to the music with their kids.
  • They are portable and easy to use anytime! Take these books along for an easy and educational distraction during car rides, stroller walks and anytime you need to keep a little one entertained.
What languages do you offer?

We currently have 2 Spanish books in production. We’ve also developed 2 additional Spanish books and 2 additional Mandarin books and need your help deciding which to produce first. By voting for your favorite(s), you can help us get them into production sooner.

What age groups are your books for?
  • These books can grow with your child from 0 to 5 and beyond!
  • Newborns will love cuddling with mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, siblings, aunts and uncles while listening to lullabies.
  • Babies will start interacting with the board book pages and by 6-7 months, they’ll be pressing buttons on their own.
  • As toddlers, they’ll start dancing along to the music and around 18 months, you may notice that they are starting to repeat some words from the songs.
  • As they continue to grow, these songs will become favorites that they enjoy time and time again.
How do pre-orders work?

1. Vote for your favorite book or books by pre-ordering. Your credit card won’t be charged until your book ships! 2. Share your favorite book with friends through our referral program because the sooner a book has 100 pre-orders, the sooner we can produce it! 3. Once a book receives 100 pre-orders, we will put it into production.

When will I get my book?

If you’ve ordered My first songs about animals in Spanish or My first lullabies in Spanish, you will receive your book(s) in early December. For pre-order books, we will be in frequent contact about timing! The process takes about two months from order to delivery.