Five of our favorite Spanish lullabies

One of our favorite ways to incorporate Spanish into our daily routine is through Spanish language lullabies. We have been singing the same set of lullabies to our little ones for a while now (mostly the ones in Mis Primeras Canciones de Cuna) so we thought it was time to share some our favorites (including a couple of new ones we've come across).  Music in language learning is an incredible tool because kids truly do learn to sing before they even talk. Lullabies, or canciones de cuna, are a great way to incorporate the power of music into your daily routine. Below are some of our favorite Spanish lullabies along with links to YouTube renditions.

#1: La lechuza: Although this list isn't in any particular order, this is still our favorite because it's the easiest for our little guy to sing.

La lechuza
La lechuza, la lechuza
Hace shh, hace shh
Todos calladitos, todos calladitos
Como la lechuza
Hacen shhh

The owl
The owl, the owl
Says shh, says shh
Everyone quiet, everyone quiet
Like the owl
Says Shh

#2 Saco una manito: This is a cute one we recently discovered and it's fun to do the hand motions together.

Saco una manito
Saco una manito, la hago bailar
La cierro, la abro y la vuelvo a guardar
Saco otra manito, la hago bailar
La cierro, la abro y la vuelvo a guardar
Saco las dos manitos, las hago bailar
Las cierro, las abro y las vuelvo a guardar

I take out one hand
I take out one hand, I make it dance
I close it, I open it and I put it away
I take out the other hand, I make it dance
I close it, I open it, and I put it away
I take out both hands, I open them, and I put them away

#3: Arrorró mi niño: There are so many beautiful versions of this one. You can customize it for your little one. This is the shortest and easiest version we've found.

Arrorró mi niño
Arrorró mi niño
Arrorró mi sol
Arrorró pedazo de mi corazón
Este niño lindo se quiere dormir
Y el pícaro sueño no quiere venir

Hush-a-bye baby
Hush-a-bye baby
Hush-a-bye my sun
Hush-a-bye piece of my heart
This beautiful boy wants to sleep
And the mischevious sleep doesn’t want to come

#4: Tirintintín: This is one of our favorites in Canciones de Cuna because of the illustration that Jimena created, but we also love the silliness of the lyrics.

Tirintintín, el gato y el violín
La vaca a la luna salto
El perrito rio cuando la vio
La cuchara con el plato huyo

Tirintintín, the cat and the violin
The cow jumped over the moon
The dog laughed when he saw it
The spoon ran away with the plate

#5: El lagarto y la lagartija: A recent discovery that we love because it's sung to the tune of Frère Jacques which is so calming!

El lagarto y la lagartija
El lagarto y la lagartija
Van juntitos a tomar sol.
En invierno cuando hace frío
Y en verano con el calor.
Si el cielo está gris
No quieren salir,
Si el cielo está azul
Van derecho a la luz.

The big lizard and the little lizard
The big lizard and the little lizard
To sunbathe together they go,
In the summer when the sun is hot
And in wintertime when it's cold.
If the sky is gray
They won't go away,
If the sky is blue
They run straight to the light.

Little Baby Bum and Leoncito Alado have wonderful songs on YouTube if you are looking for others! Translations are always tricky so call us out if anything looks weird! What are your favorite lullabies?


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