Fa la la la language: why music is a powerful language learning tool

Fa la la la language: why music is a powerful language learning tool

Did you know that music is scientifically proven to enhance your mood? It’s a big tool in our household, especially when the winter blues set in as we approach day 275 of winter in Chicago (hooray for the last few days that have felt very spring-like though).

Not only that, but music is a wonderful tool for language learning. Just think about how you learned the alphabet.  Can you even say the alphabet without singing the ABC song? We tried, and it is SURPRISINGLY HARD!

Why is music such a wonderful tool?  A few reasons:

  1. Music is naturally repetitive – many of your favorite songs probably have a chorus that repeats, and we often play songs on repeat because we love them. Repetition is key to helping build memory for vocabulary.
  2. Music is fun! And it makes learning fun.  Check out the dancing babies in our Instagram highlights for proof!
  3. Singing-along helps with developing your accent – when we sing, we try to recreate the sound and the tone of the language which allows us to better replicate the native accent.
  4. Music lets you learn words in context. You’re not just seeing words and definitions on a page, you get to see and feel how they’re actually used. 
  5. Music is everywhere, and you can take it with you! Listen to music while you’re in the car, put on a playlist while you’re cooking dinner, sing some songs during bathtime, or read and interact with our music books before bed. Music is a tool that you can take with you and pull out multiple times per day.


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