10 Spanish Books for Bedtime Bostezos

10 Calming Spanish Books for Your Bedtime Routine

Despite the struggle to get everyone bathed, in pjs, with teeth brushed, bedtime is one of our favorite times of day because it means time to read together…and almost time for parents to binge watch their favorite shows on Netflix while digging into the secret candy stash😉

While we love different kinds of books at bedtime, we’ve put together a list of calming, sleep-inducing books for your littles.  We looked for books that are relaxing, comforting and don’t give kids any more ideas for creative excuses to delay bedtime.  Here goes!  Let us know if we missed your favorites!

Que sueño by Anne Crahey (0-3 years old)

This is a teeny tiny board book but with a lot of fun inside and a lot of opportunities to learn new vocabulary. To be honest, I think I only knew about half of the words on the first read. It shows a variety of different animals and where they go to sleep.  It has flaps to pull open to see the sleeping animals, and fortunately, it’s quite sturdy and resistant to little baby and toddler fingers.

Un cuento muy aburrido para quedarse dormido by (0-3 years old)

Un cuento muy aburrido

We are pretty obsessed with rhyming books because they are so much more fun to read, and research suggests rhymes and repetitive verses (which this book also has) help little ones to distinguish sounds. This book is perfect for bedtime because each page features a character that’s gone to bed suggesting to our little ones that they won’t miss anything exciting if they go to bed, too.

Todos bostezan by Anita Bijsterbosch (0-4 years old)

Todos Bostezan

This book is the perfect way to take advantage of how contagious yawning is and help bring on the zzzzzs.  Each of the animals in this book is getting sleepy, and you can see them yawn as you lift the interactive flaps.  We can’t read it without letting out a few bostezos so I think it really is helpful!

Buenas Noches by Meritxell Martí (0-3 years old)

Buenas Noches

If you love interactive books but aren’t a fan of lift the flaps, this book may be up your alley! It is the night time version of Meritxell Martí’s Buenos Días.  Each page lets kids say good night to someone/something and pull a tab to close their eyes. Not the craziest most exciting read for parents, but our little ones LOVE these!

Mis primeras canciones de cuna, illustrated by Jimena de la Vega (0-5 years old)

Canciones de Cuna

Couldn’t help but include our very own Mis Primeras Canciones de Cuna in the mix. This book lets kids play and sing along to six of our favorite Spanish lullabies (from Duerme Ya to Arrorró Mi Niño).  The lullabies are super soothing, and we’ve seen our little ones drift off into dreamland with this one many times.

Un besito y a dormir by Patricia Geis (2-5 years old)

This is a super fun interactive book that helps teach kids a bedtime routine or to help in the process of creating a bedtime routine with your little ones. Kids can help with the nighttime routine of each character and put them to bed. It’s a bit tough to do justice to this book in a written explanation so check out this YouTube video to see it in action.

A dormir monstruos by Ed Vere (3 – 6 years old)

A dormir monstruos

If your little one is starting to show some concern about monsters, this is the perfect book for them!  It is a super cute story of a monster that is coming to get you… but for a very sweet reason!  I don’t want to ruin the ending – it’s worth a read. The book is originally in English, but we thought the translation was well done.

Mi Papá (3 to 6 years old)

Mi Papa

This book almost didn’t make the list because it does give some examples of bedtime evasion tactics, but it was too silly not to add.  In this story, dad and son change places, and the son has to try to get his dad to bed, but it is quite the challenge! A fun one to build our empathy and hopefully do the same for our kids 😊 I believe the original is in French, but we thought the translation was solid!  The only other bummer is I couldn't find this one anywhere for a reasonable price point (we borrowed an old one from a friend).  If you're interested in this one, it is available in English and the translated version can be viewed on YouTube so you can do some Spanish improvising if you are up for it.

Mi camita  by J.S. Pinillos and Julen Rodriguez Ruis (3 to 6 years old)

Mi Camita

A must read for kids that are transitioning to their big kid beds or need a little motivation to go to their bed on their own at night.  This book tells the story of how special your own bed is and how your camita is a place to feel safe, play, and enjoy beautiful dreams.

Respira by Inés Castell-Branco (4-6 years old)


This is a great book for helping kids learn tools to relax and wind down. It includes breathing techniques and even teaches a few yoga moves. It’s a longer read great for a slightly older child – worth checking out as I know we can always use a hand getting our little ones in bedtime mode.

What did we miss? What should we read next?   


We’ve tried to provide links to these books where available – some, but not all, are available on Amazon. If you purchase something through our Amazon links, we may earn an affiliate commission. 



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